What Makes Orme Law Different

Most business attorneys know a lot about the law, but they may not know that much about business or the industries in which their clients operate. At The Orme & Franke Law Firm, we have expertise in the matters that are important to our clients: law, business, and finance.

A Georgia Business Attorney Who Understands Business

Attorney Melissa Orme studied accounting in college and later earned her MBA. She began her career in accounting and finance, working first as a CPA for a top international firm, then for a Fortune 50 company, ultimately becoming Senior Vice President and CFO of a major consumer goods manufacturer. Throughout her years in the corporate world, she dealt with many attorneys who lacked practical understanding of business matters. Inspired in part by these experiences, Melissa added a JD from a top 20 law school to her resume and embarked on a new career in business law.

Melissa Orme now brings to the table for her clients a comprehensive, thoroughly grounded understanding of their business, finance, and legal concerns. She chooses to concentrate her practice in the areas that businesspeople need: business transactions, including real estate; commercial financing; and estate planning, including succession planning for business.

We Don't Just Solve Legal Problems--We Prevent Them.

Orme Law is proud to have efficiently addressed and resolved complex issues with business, financing and real estate transactions for a number of clients who have come to us in distress. We are even more proud of building relationships with our business clients that allow us to foresee and forestall potential problems with the transactions they enter into every day. Because we have a thorough understanding of the intersection of business, tax, finance and law, we are alert to potential issues in transactions that other attorneys might miss.

Being alert to potential problems allows us to resolve issues before they ripen into litigated disputes or serious tax consequences, saving our clients money and allowing them to focus their attention and resources where they belong--on their business.

Sophisticated Legal Representation and Personalized Attention

Because of Melissa Orme's background in business and finance, and her years of experience with large, complex corporate matters, Orme Law is able to offer Fayette and Coweta Counties and the surrounding areas sophisticated legal representation typically associated with large, expensive firms in big cities. Because we are a small firm conveniently located in Peachtree City, we are able to offer our clients the responsiveness and personalized attention that we ourselves would want from a law firm.

Flexible Fee Structure to Offer Maximum Value

Businesspeople know that value is more than low price; it means getting a high-quality product or service that meets their needs at a reasonable rate. At Orme Law, we offer our clients not only excellent value, but flexible, creative fee structures designed to be predictable and affordable. Legal services should not be a burdensome expense, but an investment in the future of your business.

We invite you to contact us at 678 593 3202 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help with your business, real estate, commercial financing or estate planning needs. We look forward to serving you.